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My Story

Sadaf has consistently reflected on gender inequities influenced by traditions and societal norms. As a mother of two, a girl and a boy, her mission is to instill in them a profound understanding of equity and equality, especially concerning gender. When her children were born, Sadaf and her husband made the deliberate choice to change their family name, aiming to encompass both sides of the family. Despite the challenges, Sadaf recognized the significance of this decision in teaching her children about gender equity.

As their daughter entered elementary school, she noticed the absence of hyphenated last names in her class and began asking questions. Sadaf took the opportunity to explain the traditional practices surrounding last names and why they had opted for a name reflecting both maternal and paternal ancestry. To provoke deeper thought, Sadaf asked her daughter how she would feel if their last name only represented the paternal side of the family. Her daughter's unequivocal response was that it wouldn't be fair, and she wouldn't like that. Since that conversation, her daughter has embraced and taken pride in the family's decision.

Rethinking and reshaping various social norms, such as the tradition of last names, is essential for the authentic establishment of a gender-equitable world. Sadaf's journey serves as a compelling example of the transformative power that comes from questioning established norms and nurturing understanding within the family unit, contributing to the shaping of a more equitable global landscape.

Have you ever pondered or questioned:

  • Why is it a common practice for children to take their father's last name in most parts of the world?

  • What motivates many women to change their last names upon marriage?

  • Why, in certain regions, only fathers accompany brides down the aisle?

If you've contemplated these instances of discrimination rooted in tradition, societal norms, or cultural values, consider joining our community. Together, let's collaborate to construct a more equitable world.

OUR MISSION: Gender Equity

Empowering Homes, Equitable Futures: Sadaf K-A's Mission for Gender Equity

In the bustling landscape of the digital world, Sadaf embarked on a transformative journey to carve out a space dedicated to a cause close to her heart: gender equity. The genesis of her blog is rooted in a deep conviction that true societal change begins at home and that children, from a young age, need to witness and understand the principles of gender equity to shape a world where equality isn't just an ideal but an everyday reality.

The Genesis of the Blog: Sadaf's journey into the blogosphere was sparked by a profound realization – the need for open, honest conversations about gender equity that extend beyond workplace policies and societal debates. It was a recognition that the seeds of change needed to be planted in the most intimate spheres of our lives: our homes.

Why Gender Equity at Home Matters: The home, traditionally seen as the nucleus of values and beliefs, serves as the breeding ground for societal norms. Sadaf firmly believes that for gender equity to flourish in broader society, it must first take root within our homes. This belief is grounded in the understanding that children, at their most impressionable age, observe and internalize the dynamics they witness, shaping their perspectives on relationships, opportunities, and expectations.

Empowering Kids Through Early Exposure: Sadaf's mission is to champion the importance of exposing children to gender equity from a young age. It's about dismantling stereotypes, challenging biases, and fostering an environment where both boys and girls grow up believing in their equal worth and potential. By integrating conversations about gender equity into everyday family life, children develop a natural understanding of fairness, empathy, and shared responsibilities.

Building a Community of Values: At the heart of Sadaf's blog is a mission to cultivate a community of like-minded individuals who share a commitment to gender equity. It's a space where diverse voices converge to exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn from one another. Through this collective effort, Sadaf K-A envisions a network of people actively practicing gender equity at home, at work, and in their communities.

Equity as a Daily Practice: For Sadaf, gender equity isn't a theoretical concept; it's a daily practice. Her blog serves as a platform to share practical tips, personal anecdotes, and resources that empower individuals to integrate gender equity into their everyday lives. From parenting approaches to workplace strategies, the blog becomes a guide for translating beliefs into actions.

Teaching Our Kids for a Better Tomorrow: The core of Sadaf's mission is the firm belief that by teaching our kids about gender equity, we are sowing the seeds of a better tomorrow. These lessons extend beyond the home, influencing how children navigate the complexities of the world. It's about arming them with the tools to challenge stereotypes, embrace diversity, and contribute to the creation of an inclusive world where everyone has an equal chance to thrive.

In essence, Sadaf's blog isn't just a digital space; it's a movement. It's a call to action for individuals to not only believe in gender equity but actively live it, shaping a future where equality isn't an aspiration but a lived reality. As the blog grows, so does the community, and together, they are redefining the narrative around gender equity – one home, one workplace, and one child at a time.

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